TopicNewly Diagnosed Diabetics Usually Need Supplement Vitamin C

  • Mon 29th Apr 2019 - 9:45am

    By having this almost continuous flow of insulin the need for long acting insulin like Protophane Blood Sugar Premier   Lantus or Humilin N is eliminated. The frequent doses of insulin give much greater flexibility in life for diabetics so now you wont need to stick to strict eating patterns or waking up early during the weekend to do injections. An Insulin Pump allows dosages to be quickly adjusted depending on carbohydrate intake exercise or illness which we all know can send blood glucose levels yo-yoing.

    Insulin is delivered to the body through a thin tube which is inserted into the body and replaced every few days and since your Insulin Pump is always attached there is no need to carry all the other accessories like syringes and insulin vials with you all the time.Many studies have shown that use of a pump dramatically decreases the number of complications diabetes can cause in the long-term. This is due to the increased control compared to using multiple daily injections.

    Poor management of type 1 diabetes can contribute to weight gain and diabetic ketoacidosis where an expensive dialysis therapy may be required.Pumps can be used by any age group from small children right through to older adults. Parents are even able to use remote controls to adjust insulin doses so children can continue to play.

    Monitor your blood sugar levels Monitoring blood sugar levels regularly can go a long way in helping you to keep control of diabetes. If you have periodical monitoring treatment can be decided accordingly. Taking over dose of prescription medication can sometimes result in hypoglycemia. It is hence reiterated that regular monitoring of diabetic sugar is a must for a diabetic. Taking medicine or getting into diet control without proper monitoring of diabetic sugar levels can give adverse consequences. Daily monitoring with a Glucometer is good but a self assessment of your condition can also be done by what you feel or experience. You should have a blood sugar levels chart to know your condition with cause and effect. You can manage your diabetic condition with proper diet exercise and medicine. With these three as causes the effects can be felt by experience and a diary can be maintained.



  • Mon 29th Apr 2019 - 9:57am

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