TopicHow to Download and Install McAfee LiveSafe on multiple devices?

  • Thu 3rd Jan 2019 - 11:03am

    With the rapid increase in the number of cyber attacks, the digital world is facing many challenges in terms of security. Be it online transactions, online file transfers or web surfing, every action needs to be taken carefully. McAfee, the popular cyber security brand, understands this need carefully and provides the computer users a huge assortment of anti-viruses and security software. Among all its products, McAfee Live Safe is the one that fulfills the security needs of consumers as well as business. By downloading this dedicated security software via, you can protect your digital world and all your devices.

    Steps to download and install McAfee LiveSafe on multiple devices

    1. Visit McAfee’s official website
    2. Go to the Store section
    3. Choose McAfee Live Safe and scroll down to purchase McAfee for five or unlimited devices
    4. Click Buy Now and complete your purchase
    5. Now, visit mcafee activate
    6. Enter your 25-digit McAfee product key
    7. Download the software
    8. Now, install the software by running the downloaded McAfee activate
    9. Activate the security software using McAfee activation code
  • Fri 4th Jan 2019 - 1:02pm

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